our actions to help prevent the spread of covid-19

We understand the seriousness COVID-19 has. We are not taking any chances. As the situation develops we are making the necessary changes to continue operationswhile abiding by the local  recommendations. Thankfully, we can safely operate at nearly full capacity even with the necessary restrictions in place. 

Living Faith Based

First and foremost we are not running our daily operations through a spirit of fear, we are living through the lens of 2 Timothy 1:7

"For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind".

This means we will be as focused as ever on the accuracy of your orders, as well as the safety of one another and our community. 

Following the rules

We are well aware of the seriousness COVID-19 could bring to our community. We are not taking it lightly. We are keeping less than 10 workers in our building at all times and closing the showroom. Personal hygiene will be taken to the extreme, we will also limit close contact with one another just to be safe.  

Online Availability

Our online capabilities allow us to function at full capacity without any human interaction. You can view products, place orders and pay invoices without ever stepping out of your business or home. We will also be offering delivery to help reduce any additional concern. 

We can also use our services to help you generate an income via a small business fundraiser.

Click here for more info: Local Fundraising.

High Temp Exposure

What does every virus hate? Heat! Most of our items will be under temperatures that exceed 350 degrees for 1-2 minutes depending on the item. This alone would kill any possible infections that could be lingering on the product. 

Rigorous Cleaning

We are being over-vigilant about the sanitation of our shop. Cleanliness is one of our core values, so we maintain clean work areas and showroom at all times. However, we will be over the top during this time by disinfecting all hard surfaces, including phones, laptops, countertops and especially door handles after ever use. We will also be wearing disposable gloves while handling all orders. 

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