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Alliston's online fundraising platform designed to help you raise funds for your cause. 

Need some extra funds? We can help!

It can be tough selling shirts for a fundraising mission.

How many shirts should I buy? How many of each size do I need?

What type of shirt do I need? etc. 

Here at Allistons we want to help eliminate that headache.


How does it work?

We will take your art or ideas and create a graphic mockup.

From there we will build you a small online store specifically for your cause.

You will then be given a link to our online secure store to post to various social media outlets to generate funds. 

After our cutoff date we will produce and fulfill your orders. At that point you will be responsible for getting the products to your buyers.

We then cut you a check for the profits you generated!

Let us take the logistics out of the equation.


No more taking order and organizing them, let us do all the legwork and you simply watch the dollars add up!

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